Chair white

A new take on chairs
Item No. 10900

Chair white

A new take on chairs
Item No. 10900
Please note that due to the high data volume, the 3D viewer should be loaded with an existing WLAN connection. On mobile devices, the viewer allows you an augmented reality (AR) function. You can visualize a LECHUZA planter in your room. To do so, please click on the cube icon.

The LECHUZA chair is comfortable, practical, and of high quality. The material is UV proof, frostproof and easy to clean. The seat and back are air-permeable. The chair is stackable and light.

high-quality plastic
German Design Award Winner
Pro-K Award Winner
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That's special

The LECHUZA chair offers maximum comfort thanks to the ergonomic design and slightly elastic shell.

Light and stackable to save space
The right accessories