New attitude towards life for your living room and terrace

Classic planter in maritime colours

Good news for all sun worshippers: temperatures are rising again and the next super summer is just around the corner. Things are going to get loud this summer – at least when it comes to colours!

The colourful special editions of the LECHUZA all-rounders CLASSICO and RUSTICO almost outshine the sun and will satisfy your longing for summer.

Things are going to get loud this summer

Get that holiday feeling in your living room

LECHUZA shades Tropical Sea and Fresh Lime

The fresh blue shades of the RUSTICO special edition “Summer Breeze” are reminiscent of the deep blue sea and its gentle waves. “Fresh lime”, “frosty blue”, “tropical sea” and “deep ocean” invite you to relax and are as refreshing as jumping into cool water on a hot summer day. Cacti, palm trees with feathered leaves and grasses in the colours of the ocean become real highlights and quickly bring your long-awaited holiday into your home.

Living more beautifully

Exotic plants for garden design

Together with exotic plants such as trendy succulents, bromeliads and palms that tolerate heat well, CLASSICO and RUSTICO radiate a real summer feeling. The LECHUZA watering system offers sufficient refreshment in hot temperatures. The water reservoir provides plants with a reliable water supply even on particularly warm days, so there is more time to chill out and enjoy the summer while staying extra relaxed!

Living Coral – bold coral red

Puts you in a good mood and gets you ready for the summer

Living Coral bold coral red

We simply can’t get enough of this year’s trend colour “Living Coral”! The bright shades of the CLASSICO special edition “Coral Crush” make plants with colourful flowers absolute eye-catchers and provide a fresh summer kick.

You will automatically be in a good mood with the colours “sunset crush”, “pearl rose”, “mango slush” and “silver glow”, which awaken memories of colourful bath towels and delicious ice cream in the sunshine with their sorbet tones.