Spring is on its way

On your marks ... get set ... go!

When the temperatures slowly rise again and nature awakens to new life, spring is just around the corner! After the grey season, spring ignites a veritable firework of blossoms: from bright yellow daffodils, pink ranunculus to blue hyacinths, there is a wide range of colourful flowers to awaken spring fever.

To ensure that the rather short-lived spring bloomers stay fresh and bloom for a long time, the LECHUZA planters with integrated watering system take care of their optimal supply.

Woman holds a bouquet of yellow daffodils in her hands

Classic meets gaudy

Versatile CLASSICO Color

After the cold winter months, we can hardly wait to finally bring a positive mood and fresh colour back into our own four walls. In the planters from LECHUZA, the plants are staged particularly stylishly and keep fresh for a long time thanks to the integrated watering system.

The all-rounder CLASSICO Color with its discreet colours white, slate and sand brown really shows off the colourful blossoms and fits perfectly on windowsills, sideboards or shelves in the small sizes.

Sketched flowers on a blue background
Gift pack on blue background

Let flowers speak!

Small gifts keep friendship alive

Whether it's for Easter, Mother's Day or just because - there's always an occasion to please loved ones. Small planters with colourful flowering plants such as primroses, tulips and daffodils are popular gifts that, unlike a bouquet of flowers, will still bring joy weeks later. The colourful flower greeting stays fresh for a long time thanks to the integrated original LECHUZA watering system and spreads good mood at home. Spring can come!

Gift pack on blue background
'LECHUZA flower pots in the shape of Playmobil heads
Perfect complement for early bloomers: