Green Wall Home Kit Glossy white high-gloss

Make every room shine
Item No. 13523


Green Wall Home Kit Glossy white high-gloss

Make every room shine
Item No. 13523



With the Green Wall Home Kit Glossy from LECHUZA, an individual and space-saving wall greening is created in a flash, which is also an extraordinary show-stopper. Thanks to the practical magnetic holder, the popular CUBE Glossy 14 and the long CUBE Glossy Triple can easily be attached to the corresponding metal strip on the walls. The high-quality, extra strong magnets ensure a secure hold; even small gardens hanging from unusual places can be created.

For relaxed plant care without daily watering:
The LECHUZA irrigation system takes the stress out of plant care. Plants can easily be placed in the containers of the Glossy Collection, together with the culture pot, without the need for time-consuming repotting. A stick inserted into the culture pot from below transports moisture evenly to the roots. The water level indicator can then be used to check when it is time to fill up the reservoir again. Plant care can be that simple!

high-quality plastic
suitable for indoor planting
Product information


  • With wick irrigation system
  • No repotting necessary - simply place store-bought herbs with grow pot in the planter
  • Food safe

Easy to use
  • Insert wick in the grow pot.
  • Place grow pot in CUBE Glossy, water - done.

Green Wall Home Kit

The Green Wall Home Kit with magnetic brackets and metal bar brings high-gloss style to your walls – even in the bathroom. Whether it´s for a classical look for plantscaping walls or as a creative way to hold make-up accessories – ideas abound!

  • 3 × Planter with liner + wicks + 3 × magnetic holder + metal bar + screws
  • Metal bar: 48 x 10 cm
  • Magnetic brackets: 4 x 14 cm
Dimensions & Capacity
Green Wall Home Kit Glossy
Dimensions ~ (W x D x H) 48 x 15 x 14 cm
Water reservoir 3 x 0,4 l
Plant volume 3 x Growpot
Planter liner, dimension ~ 3 x Ø 10-12 cm
Plant height max. 20 cm
The right accessories