CANTO Stone 80 wide graphite spotted

The green partition
Item No. 13742

CANTO Stone 80 wide graphite spotted

The green partition
Item No. 13742
Please note that due to the high data volume, the 3D viewer should be loaded with an existing WLAN connection. On mobile devices, the viewer allows you an augmented reality (AR) function. You can visualize a LECHUZA planter in your room. To do so, please click on the cube icon.

The elongated planter stylishly delimits spaces, divides offices and creates privacy for gardens and terraces. With a height of over 75 cm, CANTO Stone offers effective privacy screening for a homely ambience.

CANTO Stone wide is a modern design element that separates the terrace from the garden and also protects it from any curious glances from the neighbours. With its natural stone look, the planter blends unobtrusively into the overall look of the area around the house and goes perfectly with contemporary architectural styles, whether minimalism or mediterranean.

Two CLASSICO 43 coasters easily turn CANTO Stone wide into a mobile wall, allowing it to be used flexibly.

high-quality plastic
ideal for indoor use
Ideal for outdoor use
Product information

CANTO Stone wide planter liner

  • interchangeable planter liner with sturdy carrying handles (patented)
  • easy transport even for tall plantings
  • can be exchanged on the spot and easily moved for winter storage
  • for indoor and outdoor planting, with drain plug

Available accessories: Coaster

  • with sturdy rollers
  • two coasters (Art. No. 19880) make CANTO Stone 80 wide mobile in all directions

Ordering note: For CANTO Stone 80 wide, two coasters (Art. No. 19880) are required!

Dimensions & Capacity
CANTO wide
Dimensions ~ (W x D x H) 79 x 37 x 76 cm
Water reservoir 12,5 l
Plant volume 49,5 l
Planter liner, dimension ~ 69 x 28 cm
Plant height max. 80 cm
The right accessories