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Plants need three essential things to grow and thrive: plenty of sunlight, soil that is jam-packed with nutrients, and naturally, water. Let us show you how simple plant care can be!

Just as nature intended

Watering plants is not always easy. Water them too little and they will dry out; water them too much and you run the risk of waterlogging. This is why we developed an intelligent watering system that allows plants to receive just the right amount of water they need – just as nature intended.

Simple, efficient, one of a kind!

Our intelligent irrigation system imitates a natural environment for plants. Our LECHUZA-PON plant substrate supports plants and gives them all the important nutrients they need. It also regulates the supply of water to the roots so that the plant always receives the right amount of water without the risk of waterlogging.

Several planters from the LECHUZA Stone Collection are planted on a terrace

Magnificent plants that thrive!

Even without a green thumb, our irrigation system lets you enjoy an abundance of green leaves and colorful flowers just as nature intended. All you need to do is ensure that there is enough water in the reservoir after repotting.

Woman lying on terrace between LECHUZA planters

Water once, then sit back and relax!

The water reservoir in our irrigation system is easy to fill from the outside. The water level indicator always keeps you informed of the amount of water in the planter. And once the reservoir is full, you can sit back and relax, or even go on vacation. Your plants will receive all the water they need.

Picture of water
Picture of water

How the irrigation system works

Classic system

Simply place the plant with LECHUZA-PON in the planter liner or directly in the planter. After the growing-in phase, your plant will receive all the water it needs from the reservoir.

  1. Planting Cover the separator with the supplied LECHUZA- PON substrate. Set the plant and LECHUZA-PON in the planter and fill the planter with soil.
  2. Growing-in phase Over the next 12 weeks* continue to water the plant as you normally would, pouring water “onto” it from above. Once the growing-in phase is complete, the plant is able to care for itself.
  3. Watering and dry phase Following the growing-in phase, when watering the plant be sure to fill the water reservoir via the water supply shaft until the water level indicator reads “max.” Now your plant will care for itself, thanks to LECHUZA. If the water level indicator reads “min.,” this indicates the start of the “dry phase” for the plant; this phase, can last 2–10 days*. After each dry phase, refill the water reservoir to “max.” via the water supply shaft.
Drawing with explanation of the classic irrigation system
water level indicator of CUBE Glossy 14

Water level indicator: Keeping the overview

Thanks to the water level indicator you always know whether you need to water your plant or not.Wait until the indicator is at „min.“ before rewatering. Does your plant prefer a drier climate? Then simply wait a few days before refilling the reservoir. The supply shaft makes it easy to fill the reservoir with water or fertilizer.

drain plug is unscrewed

Drain plug: Practical for outdoors

For outdoor use simply unscrew the drain plug. An overflow ensures that enough water remains in the water reservoir. Excess water runs off and drains via the overflow. This protects your plants from becoming waterlogged even when it rains.

Another picture of water'
Another picture of water'

Best supplied with the small planters

Drawing with explanation of the wick watering system

Wick watering system: No repotting necessary!

Quick and simple, the wick allows you to keep small plants in their pots when planting them in the planter.

  1. Gather your grow pot and wick.
  2. Insert the stick into the growpot from below.
  3. Place grow pot in planter. Water and enjoy.
'Wick watering system - plug in

Wick system - perfect for smaller plants

For plants with shorter roots that do not reach into the water reservoir, planters with an open plant liner with wick are suitable. Water and nutrients stored in LECHUZA-PON reach the roots via the wick by capillary action and ensure a balanced supply of the plants. The All-in-One-Sets are, thanks to the included plant substrate LECHUZA-PON immediately ready for use.

Drawing with explanation of the wick system